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Sensode Black 2nd page into blog possible?

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Topic: Sensode Black 2nd page into blog possible?
Posted By: WattJet
Subject: Sensode Black 2nd page into blog possible?
Date Posted: 21 Juin 2020 at 10:59
Hi, I am using sensoblack template.

My idea was to keep the structure of the home page as it is ( HOME-ABOUT-NEWS-GALLERY-CONTACT), but to extend the 2nd page (actualites) as a blog.

As a result, the home page would have still the same 3 snippets w pictures of the recently published news, but the actual news page would have an undefined number of news/blog entries)

If it is possible, could you give me a succinct roadmap on how to proceed?

if someone has tried it, did you find any particular difficulties / problems in the usage?

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me

Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 21 Juin 2020 at 13:41
A blog is some kind of feature requires a database to collect and manage the information plus the use of php for security reasons.  What is your level of comfort with SQL and PHP?

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 21 Juin 2020 at 17:39
Hi Hobby,
Thanks of replying.

Rather than "level of comfort", I would define it as "level of pain". Long time ago I did SQL. Nothing of PHP.

I want a very simple mechanism for a blog.... just a way to make a succession of articles  scroll down. There will be little participation/interaction in it from third parties since for that purpose I will create a Forum for the next stages of the project

Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 21 Juin 2020 at 17:58
I know that nico38 (french forum) created a blog template but I think that it is a full template not an element to add to your site.

You may see if it serve your needs and if it may be added into an iframe as I did for OpenCart here:" rel="nofollow -   but for now, nobody tried it.

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 22 Juin 2020 at 10:04
So, just as a thought process

The  structure of "Actualites" (2nd page of Sensode Black) is formed by :
- a top panel,
- three panels for news (FENETRE MODAL_#)  1 to 3
- Contact panel

Would there be any problem in  replicating the FENETRE MODAL component up to 12 units?  I will keep the size of the posts discrete as it is now (250 words +/-) and a picture, as it is now. Could this work?

With that approach, making two entries a week I could have a blog for 6 weeks. After that time I could duplicate another "actualites" page, (i.e. actualites_2) accessible only from the previous one or from the direct links to any of the news entr¡es contained in it. 

If this could work I could set the number of articles to the recommended size/weight of the page to streamline its use.

This approach could give me the 6 months I need for this project, and ensure that I maintain the traffic in my site without depending on 3rd party platforms with adds, lots of other links etc.

I do know that with a wordpress blog I would get much more potential in SEOs etc and in theory more organic traffic.... but I trust more in pushing the organic traffic by other social media and referrals rather than a s result from SEO

Any input will be most welcome


Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 22 Juin 2020 at 11:57
You can do it but make sure to maintain the sequence while copying the 3 three elements

Anchor, FENETRE_MODAL_# and cadre#

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 24 Juin 2020 at 20:08
Hi again,

I advanced in the idea and tested it up to 12 news and it seems to work pretty well.

I need however to "revert" the order of publication... the last at the top and changing the order works -overall- too, but I am stuck however with a glitch...

As you mention, each NEWS entry has three components Anchor (news#), FENETRE_MODAL_# and cadre#..... but the first entry has no anchor.

When I reverted the order -just changed position of  NEWS01 to NEWS03- everything works except the anchor.  I renamed the previous anchor(news3) to anchor(news1), which worked well too.
However, when I try to create the new anchor(news3) -which will be now place on top, where there was no anchor-  I get an error message "this anchor name already exists in the page"

I went several times through the hole page and I did not find it. I also went through the page dictionary and it does not appear there.

So, I have two questions:

- Do I need an anchor at the top of the page (this is, when I publish NEWS4, 5, etc, the last entry on top will not have any anchor as the original template?

- Regardless of the previous question, How do I look for an element name that I cannot find?

Any guidance will be most welcome

Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 25 Juin 2020 at 01:22
You have to go trough your page and select each ancho and verify it's name

Make sure to save your page after each anchor rename

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 25 Juin 2020 at 02:36
I have reviewed all the anchor names and they are ok.... and still cannot find anchor 3

Is there any way to "parse" the page to look for it?

Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 25 Juin 2020 at 18:29
I went trough your project, renamed all anchors several times without issues.

Simply took the time to save the page after changing an anchor's name and prior to rename another one.  OE uses some databases that updates at this point.

If you still experience the same issue, try Project->Preferences->Maintenance Tab->Rebuild Pages and Web Site Link map.

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 25 Juin 2020 at 19:38
Thank you so much Hobby001
I really appreciate very much all the help you are giving me

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 10 Juil 2020 at 15:00
Getting back to this topic again...

How long/How many entries should a page have to allow quick upload?

So currently I am in the 4th entry of the "blog".

The overall template is maintained.

Homepage: I keep the News as it is, maintaining the three last entries with links to the specific entries.

Actualités page: 
  • I am adding entries in reverse order with the same configuration (anchor-Fenetremodal-Cadre).
  • Anchors are working pretty well (thanks again for going through the project Hobby001).
  • Entries have between 350-600 words and a picture
  • See" rel="nofollow -
So, the question is, what would you recommend as the maximum number of entries per page?

This is, is it advisable to keep 1 sole page for all the future entries, or do you recommend to create a new page (actualités2) once I reach a certain number of entries -and then make a link between the two for any user that scrolls)


Posted By: Hobby001
Date Posted: 10 Juil 2020 at 15:56
The best thing to do is to test it yourself.

Open Chrome

Open the developper<s mode <F12>

Click on the Network tab

Clear the cashe <Ctrl><F5>

Look at your page loading time.  Stay within 2 to 5 seconds.,in%202%20seconds%20or%20less." rel="nofollow -,in%202%20seconds%20or%20less." rel="nofollow -

Anyone who wants to put something on line gets hooked by something big

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 10 Juil 2020 at 16:22
It is still below 2.5... (aside from the favicon, which always comes last and has waiting time in both Homepage & actualités)

Readings are great

Posted By: digizar
Date Posted: 10 Juil 2020 at 18:40
That sounds strange, because usually it has a size of 16x16 or 32x32 pixs,
and be named *.ico
That schould really just pop out.

Ask questions only if there is no answer yet.

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 11 Juil 2020 at 11:56
that is what I thought...
I created the favicon through a website, that rendered back three files:

16x16   .png       534 bytes
32x32   .png    1.26 Kb
48x48   .ico    15.0 kb

Since there was only one with the .ico suffix, this is the one  I used

The only other file in the OE  "File Library:  Files/Other"  is the google code

Posted By: digizar
Date Posted: 11 Juil 2020 at 12:46
The real usable size is 16x16 .ico

That means, a larger size 48x48 has to be (down)scaled by the browser.
Needing unnecessary transmission time and time to downscale and to display.
I would stick with 32x32 pix. That also looks nice on smarties.

Better use another tool to create a favicon, pe GIMP.

Ask questions only if there is no answer yet.

Posted By: WattJet
Date Posted: 11 Juil 2020 at 12:55
Many thanks!

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