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drop-down list - read all elements

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Topic: drop-down list - read all elements
Posted By: uzes90
Subject: drop-down list - read all elements
Date Posted: 06 Avr 2019 at 04:02


I just spent a few days trying to read all of the elements in a drop-down list. This all went in a code-block, and it was a real pain. Ce n’était pas évident.

Here’s what I came up with, I’m sure it’s not perfect but it works.  The examples I found on the web just didn’t work.

  1. Gotta always use element ID’s and no names
  2. It helped using a “ptr” variable.
  3. Figuring out the structure was a real pain. The “automatic prototypes” helped but were not all inclusive.
  4. Figuring out the final “next()” made my day.



function getDropDownData(){
    var ddlArray= new Array();
// get number of entries. Should be: ddl.option.length
    var listboxOptionsPtr = $('#WE4758bd185f option');
    var listboxCount = listboxOptionsPtr.length;
        for (i = 0; i < listboxCount; i++) { 
            ddlArray = listboxOptionsPtr.val();
           listboxOptionsPtr =;

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